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Embedsense Solutions(ESS) is a one-stop shop for all Industry 4.0 needs. ESS manufactures innovative industrial grade wireless sensors and offers a very comprehensive suite of Machine Monitoring IOT software solutions that cover all machine types that one would encounter in a manufacturing setup.

ESS also provides solutions that make manufacturing units more profitable by giving them tools that improve quality, reduce defects, improve productivity & safety while lowering their energy consumption costs across a broad spectrum of machinery. Our technology and sensors can transform any type of machinery into a smart machine and bring it online. By incorporating AI and ML, data from sensors is analysed at the edge to generate powerful insights that are used to monitor the health of various kinds of machinery and quality of the finished goods.


Q What are the product and solution offerings from EmbedSense?

EmbedSense Solutions offers Productivity Monitoring, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Tool RUL, Power Quality and Furnace Energy Monitoring, Mold Dynamics Monitoring and other Bespoke solutions at very affordable prices.

Q Can Condition Monitoring be performed on any older generation legacy machine?

All our sensors are designed to be retrofittable and can convert any type of machine into a smart one and bring it on to the digital highway.

Q We have various types of machinery on our shop floor of different makes and from different vendors. The PLC's are not accessible or are restricted by the OEM's. Can your Condition Monitoring or Productivity Monitoring solution work in our setup?

Our solutions are designed to be vendor/make agnostic and do NOT rely on the PLC's for mining any data. Our solution provides one integrated dashboard where all machines can be monitored even though the number is very large

Q Are your sensors designed to operate under harsh environments that are common in shop floors?

ESS sensors are Industrial grade, IP67 rated wireless sensors that have proven to withstand the harshest conditions involving metal sprays, oil, dust, high temperature, lubricant spillage etc. These sensors have been engineered to last and are meant to be maintenance free.