Unleash your workforce' full potential and complete your digital transformation.

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The Andonix industry 4.0 software suite digitizes and automates workflows, standard operating procedures, and outdated data entry methodologies used by front-line workers, filling the technology voids in factories and industrial services operations. Characterized by its user-friendly interface, fast onboarding, and scalability, our software integrates with existing technology to complete the digital transformation of any industrial company, driving customer ROI by boosting productivity, training, quality, and safety.   

Andonix connects & empowers workers with digital technology to capture and propagate knowledge, teaching and guiding with adaptive learning. A social medial interface augments teams with automated communication, escalation, and its RPA automates standard operating procedures to fast-track productivity. Our “connected worker” platform is a key step towards the connected factory integrating humans & machines, delivering the right data in real-time. As an AWS technology partner, our platform is cloud-based, secure, scalable, and ready to leverage AI to predict, prevent and prescribe outcomes.

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